Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list the most frequently asked questions asked. If you are new to Cryptocurrency, Fauctes and general free claiming, You would be best served reading the Beginners Guide.

Please check your spam or junk folder first.
Verification mail arrive up to 30 minutes after you registered.
If you get an error or did not receive one you may send a new verification email Or contact admin to manually verify. If you somehow make a withdrawal without being verified, you will be banned.

First logout.
Try to log in 3 times using a wrong password. After third try a new link will show to reset your password. follow the simple instructions.

- There is no minimum withdrawal.
- Withdrawal may take up to 48 hours.
- Your withdrawal status shows on the bottom of the withdrawal page.
- You may only withdraw once a day.

If your withdrawal was declined you either haven't verified yet. Or, your address is invalid and not linked with Faucethub.

Sometimes there are errors or there is maintenance. This will mean you get an error trying to withdraw. please try again later or the next day.
If an error is not fixed within a day please contact admin.

First you should do as the error says.
Second the most common solution to many errors is to delete you cashe, cookies and session.
You may do that via your browser but the best method would be to use the free program cCleaner from piriform Their free version works very well. Just make sure you uncheck the install Avast AV too, when installing. Unless you want their free AV too.

Any other errors that may occur and you do not understand, you may contact admin about.

This website has pretty strict rules regarding cheating. This is for two reasons.
One: Bots and makro's. They just plain ruin it for everybody that has anything to do with advertising and running websites.
Two, false impressions. They are done by people using VPN/Proxy/Incognito Mode and various skip or block ad extensions.

Any breaking of our rules results in a ban. A banned account is final and will receive no response.

You have to make sure you add the right address in the right field. We can check if your address is registered at faucethub, but not if you entered the right coin. If you entered the wrong coin and you request a withdrawal, our system gets an error and does not do the payment. This may result in simply a decline of withdrawal and your tokens will be returned. It may also mean after several attempts the system bans your account.

Adding your wallet address to faucthub is plenty simple via their dashboard. You may also get a deposit address in faucethub dashboard and use that to withdraw from this website. Those addresses are automaticly linked to your account.